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Brian Cain - OWNER

In 2007 I started Cain Remodeling, after much prayer and a calling from God, to create something unique, lucrative, and lasting to ensure a beneficial future for my family. 15 years, three kids, and a wonderful wife later we are well on our way to keeping that dream alive and fruitful. Our hope is to one day pass this torch on to our kids and make this a true family business. God had blessed us abundantly over the years and we look forward to a prosperous future for our family and yours.


We are excited to work closely with our new and existing clients alike and strive to treat all like one of the family. So, if you have been thinking of changing something around the home/office or haven’t had the time to complete that “honey-do” list of projects, we welcome the call and are excited to work closely with you to get the home/office of your dreams. ​




We strive to always grow for the better by having and adding the right people to our group. Those that can achieve the tasks at hand while leaving you feeling safe, secure, and satisfied with a job well done.  

Having someone that you feel comfortable and safe with in your house is a huge priority to us when the hire someone.

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